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“Backside Help” — Helpside Defense . Ballside/Backside — Divide the court down the middle. The ballside is where the ball is and the backside is where it is not. Basketline — A direct imaginary line that illustrates ballside and back side defense.

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Defensive Basketball TermsA. Anticipate – The ability to recognize what's developing on the court before it actually happens. It's the skill that helps a defender intercept a pass or step over to help a teammate who gets beat. Advance (or Approach) - This is an aggressive step at the ball handler to get her to react.

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Defense - The team on defense is the team without possession of the basketball. While on defense, the team will attempt to prevent the opposition from scoring in their basket. Defensive Stance - The players on defense should always be in defensive stance. This involves keeping the knees bent and arms out wide.

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Defense: The act of preventing the offense from scoring. Defense is the team without the ball. Down court: The direction a team on offense moves, from its backcourt to its frontcourt and towards its own basket. Double Dribble: The act of dribbling the ball, stopping the dribble or motion of the ball and beginning to dribble again.

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There are defensive basketball terms. Man-to-man defense " - each defensive player is assigned to guard a specific opposing player. He may " switch " his player with another team-mate if he gets screened.

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Basketball TerminologyO On balance . One-on-one – Two players going head to head, with one on offense and the other on defense. Open – When an... Outlet pass . Overhead pass – A two-handed pass made with the arms held above the head. Overload . A team might do this to pull the defense to one side ...

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Defense: The team not in possession of the ball. Defense Rebound: Rebound by the defense player. Double Dribble: The illegal act of dribbling, stopping, then dribbling again. Double Team: Two teammates move in to guard one offensive player. Down Court: Moving from the back court toward the offensive basket.

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A defense in which each player guards a single opposing player. Contrast zone defense. Memphis Attack Another name for the dribble drive motion. The offense was popularized in the early 2000s at the University of Memphis under head coach John Calipari. mid-range Describes a shot taken from outside the paint but inside the three-point line. motion offense