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Basketball - health benefits - Better Health Channel

Health benefits of basketball. burn calories (an hour of basketball can burn 630–750 calories) build endurance. improve balance and coordination. develop concentration and self-discipline. build up muscle.

The Benefits of Basketball as a Workout - SportProsUSA

If played intensely, basketball is an extremely aerobic workout that will have your legs and lungs burning in no time. With the installation of your own home basketball court, you can experience these benefits and more right in your own backyard or home gym.

Health Benefits of Basketball - WebMD

Helps you improve your heart health: Engaging in intense sports activities like basketball and using up at least 2000 or more kilocalories per week can help you reduce your risk of getting heart ...

Benefits of Basketball: 10 Physical and Emotional Benefits

Health benefits 1. Strengthens muscular endurance. Playing basketball requires agility, strength, and stamina. You must quickly move and... 2. Builds healthy bones. Playing a team sport, such as basketball, can provide unique physical and mental health... 3. Improves balance and coordination. ...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Basketball

Better motor skills and coordination: Free-throw shooting and jump-shooting are particularly helpful for training... Strength training: Basketball provides an excellent full-body workout and can help develop useful, lean muscle. In this... Improves spatial awareness: Spatial awareness is knowing ...

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Playing Basketball Regularly

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Playing Basketball 1. Promotes Cardiovascular Health. Basketball is great for your heart health! Because you keep moving, your heart rate... 2. Burns Calories. Do you want to shed a few extra kilos? Play basketball! All the quick lateral movements, running and... 3. ...

10 Exercises to Make You Better at Basketball | The Beachbody ...

This collection of exercises for getting better at basketball from a former basketball coach will increase your stability, stamina, and strength.

Basketball Workout for Losing Weight | Livestrong.com

Playing basketball helps you burn calories and fat with a physically challenging workout. Playing basketball can help you burn excess calories when incorporated into your weight-loss nutrition plan. Running up and down a basketball court and shooting hoops offers plenty of exercise.