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Lay-Up is a community-based basketball program designed for children and youth (6-14) of all skill levels. Our programs are delivered year-round in Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvements Areas. We provide high quality programming led by certified coaches with a 1:7 coach to participant ratio.

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Lay-Ups Basketball

Youth Basketball League providing a fun sports organization for children Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. ... layups.basketball@gmail.com. 503-799-9293 ...

Lay-Up Youth Basketball - MLSE Foundation

MLSE Foundation’s partnership with Lay Up Youth Basketball has significantly increased access for children and youth in the community of Regent Park, St James Town and Moss Park. At Lay-Up, they focus on the empowerment of children and youth through programming that promotes and supports physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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Lay-Up Youth Basketball. Here at Lay-Up we are continuously growing our team! We are happy to announce that we are hiring for the development manager role! The link attached is where you can find the job description and the necessary steps needed to apply. https://charityvillage.com/

Layup Drills for Youth Basketball | Full Court Layups by Tara ...

Coach Tara VanDerveer demonstrates the Full Court Layups drill with her youth team. This drill highlights fundamental Layup skills. Working on full speed Lay...

Basketball Lay Up Drills - 3 Lay Up Progressions For ...

Teach the key fundamentals young players need to comfortably and consistently finish layups. The following progressions are perfect for teaching the fundame...

How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

One of the main reasons for missed layups at the youth basketball level is players are going way too fast. If you were to spend just 2 minutes sitting on the sidelines of an U10’s game, and I guarantee you’ll see a 100mph fast break that results in the shooter slamming the ball off the backboard.

20 Basketball Layup / Finishing Drills for Coaches & Players

With youth players you might only work on basic layups and you might adjust the rules to reduce the challenge. Older players might work on advanced finishing moves and have 1-2 tight defenders challenging the shot. 8 Interleaving Layup / Finishing Drills. We recommend that you use interleaving and random layup drills.

5 Layup Drills You Must Use Next Practice (Full Instructions)

Layup technique for both sides of the floor is always step with the outside foot first, then finish the layup jumping high off the inside foot. Encourage your players to try and ‘swish’ the ball off the backboard so that they make the layup without the ball touching the ring.