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Low Back Pain in Volleyball Players

Low Back Pain in Volleyball Players. Low Back Pain in Volleyball. 272 competitive adolescent athletes involved in 31 different sports (158 males, 113 females, 15.4±2.0 years, body mass index [BMI] 20.3±2.4 kg/m2) enrolled in 10-month prospective clinical trial. Schmidt et al. 2014.

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Tips to reduce the risk of low back pain in volleyball players 1. Strengthen your core muscles. You need a lot of endurance in these muscles during a game to make sure the lower spine... 2. Performing an abdominal contraction before any overhead motion (spiking, serving, setting) or landing. By ...

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Most female athletes who play volleyball combined with a weight training program have complained about lower back pain. Most injuries are just the tightening of the muscle or ligament strain, but many can become stress fractures called spondylosis (Advanced, 2019).

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The low back is a common source of chronic pain among volleyball players. The cause of most low-back pain is related to muscle or ligament strain. The pain usually resolves with rest, physical therapy and athletic training services. If low-back pain is accompanied by pain that radiates down the legs and numbness or weakness in the foot or ankle, the culprit may be a herniated disk.

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Signs of Low Back Pain Lower Back Pain After Volleyball. These might vary from a plain ache to a stabbing or firing experience. The pain might make it hard to move or stand up straight. Pain that begins suddenly is “acute.” It may happen during sports or heavy training.

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Youth Volleyball: Back Pain Common But Preventable

Volleyball (Indoor) volleyball injuries. Lower back pain is a common among the general population, with studies suggesting that as many as 80-90% of people will experience some sort of back problem at some point in their life. While persistent and nagging back pain is considered normal among older people and is generally less common in younger populations, a Japanese study reports a much higher incidence among youth volleyball players.

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The actions associated with volleyball tend to be repetitive, and often explosive, with the knees, back and hands most susceptible to injury. Despite how common these injuries tend to be, most of them are fairly mild, and with the right kind of injury management, it’s not that difficult to bounce back from them.

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However, for preventing low back pain among volleyball players in particular, two muscles are critical: the hamstrings and the piriformis. Start the new stretching protocol by practicing the following stretches after workouts and on recovery days to help gain extra length through these areas. Click here to read more!