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Tennis Kick Serve | Master Your Kick Serve In 3 Steps

Tennis Kick Serve | Master Your Kick Serve In 3 StepsVideo timeline:00:00 - Intro00:17 - How to brush the ball (step one)1:30 - The ball toss (step two)2:49 ...

How to Hit a Kick Serve in Tennis: 5 Tips for Hitting a Kick ...

Kick serves have less power and more control, allowing the server to hit specifically to a player’s weakness (depending on whether they are right-handers or left-handers). This type of serve is slightly more difficult for beginner tennis players and takes a lot of practice to master consistently during a tennis game.

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1) Kick Serve Grip. First of all, you need to have the correct grip. Most players don’t hold the racquet correctly; they either grip it too tight or squeeze their fingers together. It’s very difficult to develop solid technique and hit an amazing kick serve, unless you have the right grip.

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The Easiest And Fastest Way To Jump Start Your Kick Serve So That You Can Start Dominating Every Match. Here is A FRACTION of what’s included in the Kick Serve Mastery Course: FKS Grip Transition System: You’ll learn the grip transformation so that you can successfully transition to the proper grip approach to master the kick serve. Anyone can show you the proper grip approach, that’s easy.

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The kick is so difficult to learn--there are so many technical areas to master--that rarely can a player practice a kick and then switch back and forth successfully between the other variations during a practice set, much less a match.

Build A Kick Serve - Part 3

He writes for TennisOne and has a superb book called Tennis Mastery. Dave pointed out to me that a big problem people have with the kick serve is that they rotate their shoulders through the shot. Let me quote Dave here: "If the body rotates open too early, the player can't pronate and hit up and to the right. (Nearly impossible, anyway!)

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The final stage of second serve development is reaching the mastery level where you are able to hit powerful, high-bouncing topspin serves that often cause your opponent to mishit them, returning a short ball that immediately gives you a chance to dominate the point.

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FREE Kick Serve Mastery! How to instantly serve with more kick without a coach! On this FREE course, you will learn…. How to serve with a lot more RPM without losing pace. Learn simple drills that will improve your kick serve. Get started hitting your kick serves higher and winning more matches. Order Now.